Come with IPM on an Immersion Experience to India!

Travel around this vast country and gain knowledge of the history, struggles, and people that make up this increasingly important player on the world stage. You’ll visit IPM’s Project Partners across India and learn how these local groups are working in one of the world’s most heavily populated countries to promote justice, peace, and hope for children, women and youth.

Day 1: Depart the United States for India.

Day 2: Arrive in Mumbai and get settled in at the guest house.

Day 3: Travel to Ahmedabad to visit the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD), meet with its Director, Hina Shah, and tour the surrounding neighborhood to meet with some of center’s members.

Day 4: Spend the day visiting with IPM Project Partner Hindus United with Muslims (HUM), a Hindu-Muslim Women’s Community Based Organization that facilitates entrepreneurship and promotes interreligious cooperation.

Day 5: Tour the areas of Trivandrum and Nagercoil.

Day 6: Take a tour of Kanyakumari Trust Hospital, home of IPM Project Partner Mary Jenkins Hospice Center, and facilities for obstetrics and gynecological services and an eye clinic. Then tour the hills with Trust Hospital’s mobile clinic unit.

Day 7: Travel to Vaniyakudi to visit IPM Project Partner Building Bridges/Notre Dame Women’s Training Program and spend the day with women who receive vocational training and degrees in nursing.

Day 8: Visit Hindu Temples in Nagercoil, Kanya-kumari on the southernmost tip of India to see historical sites and “Sunset Point.”

Day 9: Go on a tour of the coastal areas and visit with IPM Project Partner Alangaramatha, an organization that encourages the development of working women in and around the village of Muttom.

Day 10: Return to Mumbai through Trivandrum, arriving early evening.

Day 11: Depart for the United States.

*Please note that the order and time of all activities are subject to change and may not always be available. Addition of special activities may be discussed with IPM Staff when planning your Immersion Experience.