Project Partners

Programs for Children

IPM partners with community initiatives serving children across the globe. These extraordinary Partners provide support and opportunities to some of our world’s most marginalized and vulnerable citizens.

Programs for Women

IPM is committed to partnerships with women’s initiatives around the world, empowering women and bringing them together to solve community issues, improve family life, and generate income for some of our world’s most marginalized citizens.

Programs for Youth

IPM’s partnerships with youth initiatives around the world offer support to community organizations providing outreach and support to youth who might otherwise have limited opportunities.

Emerging Projects

IPM’s Emerging Projects are in the initial stages of partnership with IPM and work closely with our Regional Staff for further development and definition of a longer term partnership.

Special Projects

IPM Special Projects are donor-driven initiatives for which IPM offers administrative oversight. Some are related to IPM’s existing Project Partners, while others are an agreement between a donor and a separate initiative.

Becoming a Project Partner

IPM identifies and selects community-based, interfaith projects around the world for funding and technical support by linking them in partnership with individuals, families, congregations, schools, and like-minded organizations.